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Prompt, efficient and courteous in all dealings

5 out of 5, reviewed onProductreview.com.au Oct 10, 2012

Hi, thought I’d send a quick review of Strata Plus. I am an owner in a ‘difficult’ building, by difficult I mean we as a building have been through a number of Strata agencies in the last two years each previous agency would promise but never deliver, the result being allot of issues with our building that require a great deal of work to get baqck up to scratch.

Strata Plus didn’t promise the world, when we initially approached them to take on the management of our building they set realistic expectations and clearly outlined the process that was needed to manage our building back to a state of maintenance that would see our property values appreciating not depreciating due to mismanagement.

In my dealings with Strata Plus I’ve found our manager to be prompt, efficient and courteous in in all dealings. She is always energetic and responsive (even when the situation is a difficult one). Given the nature of the strata manager’s role in dealing with individuals from all walks of life in what is more often than not where an issue is concerned I have nothing other than positive feedback to provide. If you are looking for a strata agency that represents owners and their executive first look no further than Strata Plus

Dave, Sydney

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