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About Jane Giacobbe, Client Relationship Manager

When someone calls Jane Giacobbe, Strata+ Client Relationship Manager, her first instinct is to find out what they need, and how she can help. And after 20 years in strata, Jane has the insight to ask the right questions and connect the right dots.

‘I enjoy speaking with people and helping them. In this job, you really have to connect,” Jane says.

‘I want to understand what their concern is, why they are looking for a new strata manager and what they need from a strata manager.”

Jane is the person to talk to when a scheme is looking to change its strata agency.

The majority of our new clients result from referrals. If you have recommended Strata+ to friends or colleagues, then Jane is the one who they talk to first.

“To meet people’s expectations, you have to first understand those expectations,” Jane says.

Jane understands the broad spectrum of committee needs from soft skills needed with professional relationship management, to the hard skills needed for financial management and regulation and community governance.

Honesty is a fundamental quality in how Jane approaches her dealings with people.

“I would rather come across as too blunt than not be ethical and honest,” she says.

Honesty is key to building trust in relationships with Strata Plus clients.

“Before a client comes on board I need to understand their pain points and their critical needs. It is a high priority for me. Getting to know people is vital so that we know that they get the precise help they are looking for.”

Jane is also the owner of our annual Capital Works Grant program. She shared “I love the energy around this program. I enjoy my conversations as everyone is enthusiastic.

For the 2020 grants, our clients were so engaged and grateful. They took pride when telling the owners that they were successful. Our managers value having something positive to focus on with their clients.”

Jane has been in strata for 20 years and says she ‘just fell into it’ while working at a real estate agency and studying at TAFE.

Jane said “Someone suggested I come and have a look at the work involved, and I did, and I really enjoyed it. I love the community, the sense of connection and solving people’s problems. My passion is helping people.”


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