The New Strata Living Guide

NSW Fair Trading published the latest NSW Fair Trading Strata Living Guide online. It is evident that considerable thought has gone into the design of this latest Strata Living with the overriding goal being captured on the front cover “get involved”.

Strata Living aims to:

  • Help owners and tenants understand how the strata scheme works; including the roles, rights, and responsibilities of owners, tenants and strata professionals.
  • Deal with common issues that arise and provide practical guidance.

It is useful to note that:

  • A (free call) strata hotline now exists 1800 214 023
  • The front of the guide includes an easy quick reference guide divided into owners, landlords, and tenants.

Five sections in the guide

1. How strata works in NSW – covers; the key concepts; how the schemes operate, including the strata committee; the roles of the strata managing agent and building manager; the responsibilities of the owners corporation; and managing finances of the scheme.

2. Living in a scheme – explains; by-laws, and includes great information about pets, parking, smoking, occupancy and short term lettings.

3. Get involved – covers; meetings, notices; how to raise a matter, quorums, proxies, voting, minutes and tenants. Much of this information is now required to also be included in the notice of meetings. This section of the guide also deals with the collective sale process.

4. Getting things fixed or changed – This section includes; a simple flowchart of how to raise a concern; helps explain the responsibility for repairs; and also separates renovations into 3 categories of simple, cosmetic and other.

5. If things go wrong – Covers; building defects and resolving disputes with a handy table of common issues in strata and how to handle them.


Strata Plus will be ordering hard copies of the NSW Fair Trading Strata Living Guide booklets as soon as NSW Fair Trading allows for an order to be placed.

NSW Fair Trading is a government consumer protection agency in NSW. They are responsible for administering laws for a fair and effective marketplace. They provide services and free information to consumers and professionals they license, such as strata managing agents.


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