NSW Strata Hub – Have your say until 18 November

A register of information for strata schemes

In March this year, the NSW government advised of the proposed Strata Hub which is to act as a register of information for the 80,000+ strata schemes in NSW.

Commencement of Strata Hub is proposed for May 2022.

This is actually referred to as Phase 2.

Phase 1 was the capture of information for the Strata Building Bond and Inspections Scheme.

Phase 3 is the capture of further compliance information such as Annual Fire Safety Statements.

Phase 4 is to extend the register to include information on community, precinct and neighbourhood schemes.

Owners corporations have 3 months to submit information to Strata Hub from 1 May 2022 to 1 August 2022. Strata Hub will then require an annual confirmation of information.

The proposed regulation and an explanatory paper have just been released so that all strata stakeholders can have their say. The NSW government wants to hear from owners, councils and other strata stakeholders.

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