Our Leaders

  • Guy Beresford Strata Manager

    Guy Beresford

    Associate Director Central Sydney Read Bio

    Guy is one of our Team Leaders in our Central Sydney office.  He is Practising Strata Community Manager with level 3 accreditation and holds a Bachelor Science (Hons) in Operational Research & Business Studies.

    Guy has been in the sector since 2004 and joined Strata Plus in 2013. He manages a prestigious portfolio with an exemplary service ethic. Guy shares his extensive knowledge and wisdom on how to deal with both complex matters and complex relationships within the variety of scheme structures.

  • mahli-piggins strata manager

     Mahli Piggins

    Associate Director Central Sydney Read Bio

    Mahli is known for her extraordinary commitment to the best interests of her strata community clients. Her natural warmth, sense of fairness and exceptional knowledge of the intricacies of strata management have resulted in Mahli having responsibility for a prestigious portfolio of mixed-use strata communities. Our clients value her meticulous approach and she sets a great example for our team on efficiency and professionalism.

    Mahli is licensed, is a Certified Strata Community Manager (level 2 accreditation) and a Finalist for the 2021 SCA NSW Strata Community Manager Award. She continues to learn and achieve a great deal since first commencing her strata career in 2005. Mahli is also a wonderful mother to three young children.

  • Jane-Giacobbe-strata-manager

    Jane Giacobbe

    Client Relationship Manager Read Bio

    Jane Giacobbe (nee McIntosh) is our Client Relationship Manager for the Strata Plus Group that spans NSW via 6 local offices.  She joined us in August 2020 for the same reasons that our clients choose us.  Jane is the perfect first point of contact if you would like to learn more about how we can look after you as a future client.

    Jane is Level 3 accredited having obtained her strata licence in 2006.  She has 20+ years of strata experience in NSW and Victoria as both a strata manager and in a variety of senior management positions.

    Jane is an advocate for well-run harmonious communities. Her calm, friendly disposition coupled with her expertise enables her to assist clients in dealing with the legislative complexities and the relationship intricacies.


  • annie-chan-strata-manager

    Annie Chan

    Team Leader Central Sydney Read Bio

    Annie is a Certified Strata Community Manager (level 2 accreditation) and holds a Class 1 strata licence. She also holds a Masters in Business Law, as well as Bachelors of Laws, Commerce & Property. Annie commenced her career in the property sector in 2009 moving into a strata manager role in 2011. She has extensive experience in managing every type of strata scheme, community title and tiered arrangements including building management committees.

    This experience coupled with her legal knowledge enables her to guide owners through complex matters including defect rectification, dispute resolution, conflict management and overseeing remedial works. Annie is known for her flexible and detailed approach in assisting clients to progress even their most difficult matters.

  • Joshua-Jasnos-team-leader-strata-plus

    Joshua Jasnos

    Team Leader Central Sydney Read Bio

    Joshua is a Practising Strata Community Manager (level 3 accreditation) having joined the sector in February 2013. His experience covers the full range of scheme types and structures. Joshua has previously been a Licensee in Charge and a General Manager directly responsible for a team of 25.

    Joshua had 10 years in the building sector before embarking on his strata career. He joined to gain exposure to our quality clients, professional team and industry position.  His team and our clients find Joshua to be professional, dependable, earnest and well informed.

  • Maxine Wickey Strata Manager Strata Plus

    Maxine Wickey

    Team Leader Central Sydney Read Bio

    Maxine is a Certified Practicing Strata Community Manager (level 2 accreditation) and holds a Class 1 strata licence. She started her strata career in Queensland which continued when she moved to Sydney in 2009. She has considerable experience in managing the full range of strata and community schemes, as well as building management committees. She rejoined our team in April 2021 after having worked with us in 2016 to 2018.

    Maxine thrives on giving sound guidance to her committees in a proactive manner. She enjoys the diversity of her client interactions and the day to day management challenges she encounters.

Our Licensees

  • Michael-Gidlay-strata-north-coast

    Michael Gilday

    Regional General Manager Read Bio

    Michael is our Regional General Manager overseeing our Tweed, Newcastle and Port Stephens Strata teams. He is a Justice of the Peace and Practising Strata Community Manager (level 3 accreditation), having obtained his license in 2007. In 2019 Michael was elected to the SCA NSW Board and appointed to the UDIA NSW Hunter Committee.

    Michael is a passionate strata professional with more than 17 years experience in our sector in both a business development capacity and as a strata manager. He also holds an Advanced Diploma in Business Management.

    Clients, their suppliers, and our team find Michael friendly, trustworthy and calm in their dealings.

  • Lani Zaubzer Strata Manager

    Lani Zaubzer

    Greater Sydney General Manager Read Bio

    Lani oversees the Parramatta and South West Sydney team. She is a Practising Strata Community Manager (level 3 accreditation), having obtained her license in 2009. In 2018 Lani was awarded the SCA NSW Strata Manager of the Year. She believes it was her commitment to her team and the sector, together with her strong ethical values and ongoing professional growth that impressed the judges.

    Lani commenced her strata career in 2003 and joined Strata Plus in 2015. She holds Bachelor degrees in Law and Business, and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. Lani’s experience in managing the full variety of schemes with well-regarded companies, combined with her complimentary experiences, skills, and qualifications enables her to provide highly professional and accurate services.

    She takes pride in her customer service ethic and is passionate about being a team player and mentor.

  • Sean-Birmingham-strata-plus-LIC

    Sean Bermingham

    Licensee Central Sydney Read Bio

    Sean joined Strata Plus in November 2018.  He is a Justice of the Peace and a Practising Strata Community Manager (level 3 accreditation) with 20+ years of strata experience, including more than 15 years in managing strata management teams.

    Sean worked for three respected strata agencies and chose us due to our reputation of both strong team culture and ethical and professional client service.  Sean embraced our value of continued professional development by commencing a Diploma in Leadership and Management in 2019.

    He considers relationship management his core strength. This is apparent in his calm and measured approach to the variety of unique matters that arise.

  • Alastair-Dunn-strata-manager

    Alastair Dunn

    Licensee Dunn Strata Read Bio

    Alastair has 40 years of strata expertise to draw upon.  Like David Ferguson, he is second generation strata.  Alastair has dealt with a vast variety of matters including conflict resolution, managing defects, budgeting and consultancy.  He has managed the full range of clients in strata, community and BMC schemes.

    Alastair selected Strata Plus to acquire Dunns’ Strata in 2020 based on our reputation for integrity and transparency. The Dunn name is the embodiment of professionalism, ethics and camaraderie.  Strata Community Association (SCA) NSW created the prestigious Max Dunn Award bestowed on individuals who demonstrate these traits to the betterment of the sector.

    Alastair is both a Fellow and Life member of SCA NSW, as well as past President and Director.  Alastair takes pride in making sure that clients are well informed so that they are in the best position to make the right decision.

Our Executives

  • Jo-boshell-strata-plus

    Joanne Boshell

    Head of Accounting Read Bio

    Joanne has been with Strata Plus since 2002 and as such is one of the most qualified and experienced individuals in every aspect of strata, community and BMC trust accounting.

    She is responsible for the financial strategy and systems of the business.  With her team of six, including three qualified accountants, Strata Plus has implemented a payment system that no other competitor can match.

    Prior to joining Strata Plus, Joanne held senior accounting roles within both the investment and retail banking sector.

  • Karen-Belcher-head-of-people-culture

    Karen Belcher

    Principal Licensee Read Bio

    Karen joined us as a professional & successful strata management practitioner with 24 years’ experience. She obtained her license in 1999 and has progressed from her role as strata manager to others including Licensee in Charge, General Manager Strategic Planning & Culture, and Managing Director.

    She holds level 3 accreditation and also has experience as a sector trainer. Karen cross-function collaboration, experience and insights enable her to provide unique and adhesive support to the leadership team whilst she ensures our legislative compliance both current and upcoming.

Our Directors

  • david-ferguson-managing-director-strata-plus

    David Ferguson

    Managing Director Read Bio

    David has been in strata since 1995. He enjoys providing clients with lateral solutions to achieve harmonious communities with consideration to competing interests.

    In 2018 he was appointed as a Fellow of SCA NSW by the State Board and was the recipient of the SCA National Presidents Award. In 2016 David received the SCA NSW Presidents Award.

    David was a Director of SCA NSW (2006-2014) serving as President (2008-2013).  He has been a member and Chair of a number of committees and working groups, including a Councillor of UDIA NSW and Chair of the Strata Reform Committee. He is the current Chair of UDIA NSW Strata & Community Committee.

    David has published articles, is a media commentator, and is a sought-after presenter on strata and community matters.

  • Olivera-ferguson-director-strata-plus

    Olivera Ferguson

    Executive Director Read Bio

    Olivera has had a formative role since 2001, becoming a licensed strata manager and Director of Strata Plus in 2008.  She is a Practising Strata Community Manager (level 3 accreditation), has been a member of CPA Australia since 1990 and is a graduate of AICD. In November 2017 Olivera joined the Board of SCA NSW.

    Her commitment and drive are focused on client communications, team education, and development. She understands the pivotal need to deliver messages to owners, property managers and related parties that are professional and easily understood.

    Prior to strata, Olivera came from financial services having held both consulting roles and senior operational positions within a range of well-known institutions.


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