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Owners Corporation Network is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to help strata owners navigate the complexities of strata living, from social and organisational challenges to financial and legal issues. OCN is proactive in ensuring the concerns and needs of strata owners and strata communities are addressed in policy, regulation and practice. Strata Plus is the only strata managing agent that is a premium sponsor of the OCN.

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The Strata Community Association (SCA) is the peak industry body for people and organisations living or working in the strata industry. It also provides education, accreditation, advice, and advocacy to enable a greater understanding of the legislative environment and individuals’ rights and obligations.​ All our strata managers are members of SCA and accredited through their internationally recognised professional accreditation program.

Liza Perera, our CEO was appointed to the SCA NSW Board in 2022. Michael Gilday, our Regional General Manager served on the Board from 2019 to 2021. David Ferguson was a Director of SCA NSW from 2006-2014 and served as President from 2008-2013. Olivera Ferguson was on the Board of SCA NSW in 2017.

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The Urban Development Institute of Australia NSW is the leading development industry body, representing more than 500 member companies and agencies across the public and private sector. UDIA NSW advocates for the creation of liveable, affordable, and connected smart cities.

Strata Plus has been involved with UDIA for several years through involvement in committees, sponsorships, policy and advocacy to ensure developers and government are aware of the difficulties strata owners face and ensure better legislative and policy outcomes for strata owners, particularly with defect matters.

Our Managing Director, David Ferguson has been a Councillor of UDIA, and Chair of the Strata Reform Committee. He is the currently the Chair of UDIA NSW Strata & Community Committee. Our General Manager of Strata Plus North is a member of the UDIA Hunter Committee.

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