• NABERS for Apartments

    In 2016, a significant study was conducted to shed light on the energy and water usage in the common areas of apartment buildings across Australia. This initiative aimed to understand the resource consumption patterns in these shared spaces and revealed insightful data about the operational efficiencies of residential complexes. Key learnings from the study The […]

  • complying-exempt-development

    Remedial Works, the DBP Act
    and Planning Approvals

    Planning approvals & the DBP Act for strata remedial works In a recent interview with Helen Kowal, Partner at Swaab, we discussed the implications of the recent legislative and regulatory reforms in the construction industry of New South Wales. These reforms, while widely acknowledged as necessary for enhancing the quality of construction work in both […]

  • Unraveling the Responsibility for Upstairs Water Leaks

    It is not always clear whether water ingress results from defective common property, or whether it is originating from another lot, usually being the lot directly above. Generally, where water ingress is being caused by another lot owner, it is due to renovation works being carried out in that other lot. For a lot owner […]

  • Show me the money – funding major remedial work and renovations

    Time marches on in strata, as in life. Our strata buildings are ageing and increasingly in need of some serious attention to maintain the quality of life for residents. As the 2022 UNSW strata insights report pointed out,  the number of schemes in NSW more than 20 years old has exceeded the 50,000 mark. Every […]

  • How Sustainability Can Boost Property Value & Reduce Outgoings

    Join us for a two-part webinar series that explores the significant impact operational enhancements, green upgrades, and building improvements can have on strata levies, capital value, and higher rental yields. Our panel, including Andrew Buchel, NABERS, Ethan Burns of Sustainability Now, Brent Clark from Wattblock, Chris Munro from the City of Sydney, Marie Xanthos of […]

  • GST requirements for owners corporations

    Financial compliance is essential for good governance. Understanding Goods and Services Tax (GST) is crucial for committee members managing strata finances. This article breaks down GST responsibilities, helping you comply with the law and manage your community’s finances effectively. GST obligations for strata committees Strata schemes, like any other entity, may be required to register […]

  • electric-scooters-in-strata

    Lithium-ion batteries in strata buildings

    How to manage e-bike use & enjoyment against the risk of explosion & fire from lithium-ion batteries Owners and occupiers of strata buildings are increasingly asking about what to do to prevent fires caused by exploding lithium-ion battery powered household products, including eBikes, eScooters and eTools. These products are injuring people on a weekly basis […]

  • fire-safety-in-strata

    Fire Safety Reforms for Strata Buildings

    A review of current and upcoming fire safety standards The recent Amending Regulation to the Environmental Planning and Assessment (Development Certification and Fire Safety) Regulation 2021 (known as the DCFS Regulation) introduces several significant changes to enhance fire safety in buildings. Key amendments were: increasing oversight of fire safety performance solutions through enhanced involvement of […]


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