New Development Set Up

We provide developers with strata consulting services – practical advice on the legislative, operational and financial ramifications of different schemes to support the development of liveable and enjoyable communities.

Planning management structures

Our strata consultancy team are experts in planning and structuring complex arrangements involving building management committees, community and strata schemes. More than fifty percent of the buildings we manage are in a building management committee arrangement. Our combined knowledge of the industry and level of experience with larger and more complex schemes is unmatched by any other agency.

By-law review

Our team will review the draft by-laws and advise on their practicalities to minimise issues and disputes further down the track.


With years of experience behind them, our new development team provides practical and substantiated budgets and estimations for levies to support your property sales and marketing.

Set up

We will guide you through what documentation you need to provide the owners corporation upon registration of the strata plan such as certifications, manuals, warranties, as-builts, and maintenance schedules.

Community title management

We manage some of the biggest master-planned communities across NSW. We employ specialist strata managers who have a thorough understanding of community title and the complexities of multiple strata schemes and overlapping titling structures.

Building management committee

Our level of experience with larger and more complex schemes is unmatched by any other agency. Fifty percent of the buildings under the Strata Plus Group management are in building management committee arrangements.

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