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Who is Responsible in Strata?

Strata property management roles and responsibilities

Many lot owners are confused about the roles performed by a strata manager, a property manager, and a building manager. Who does what? Which one do you call to resolve an issue?

For more detailed information on which area of your property is considered common property, and thus the responsibility of the owners corporation, download SCA’s Who is Responsible Guide

More information can be found on the NSW Government website.

If the owners corporation is responsible, then who do you contact to resolve the issue? We have included below a brief summary of the key differences in the roles of a strata manager, a property manager and a building manager. We also have a short video to help explain these differences.

Strata manager

The strata manager is engaged by the scheme and is accountable to all owners as a group. The strata manager is appointed to assist with making sure that the scheme is fulfilling all its legislated obligations.


The strata manager does not make decisions for the scheme on how to meet their obligations. Pending scope and cost of works will determine if the strata committee makes the decision or whether it needs to go to general meeting. The strata manager is instrumental in giving the client cost-effective, practical advice to help with risk minimisation.

Property manager

The property manager, usually in a real estate office, is engaged by the landlord (lot owner) and is the liaison with the renter (tenant) to collect rent and ensure that the property is maintained in good condition.


The landlord (lot owner) decides what their property manager’s relationship with the scheme. For example, do you want the property manager to receive all correspondence to do with the property including notices and minutes of meetings? Do you want the the property manager to pay the levies?

If there is a common property issue that relates to the lot, then the property manager provides the strata manager with all necessary information and asks when they can expect a decision to be made. Should you be renting a strata property, and a property manager is appointed, you should contact your property manager to report any repair and maintenance matters.

Building manager

The building manager is engaged by a scheme to be an on-site resource for common property matters. The responsibilities and level of authority of a building manager will vary depending on the schemes needs. Their contract should clearly reflect what their duties are.


If a property manager reports a common property issue to the building manager, then their contract should define whether they have the authority to make a decision or whether the decision rests with the strata committee. It is important to note that there is no contractual relationship between a strata manager and a building manager. They are both engaged by the owners corporation to perform different duties in relation to the scheme. The building manager generally has specialist skills that are not required for the provision of strata management services.

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