Strata Management

Our role is to support our client’s community. We are engaged to facilitate the day-to-day management of strata schemes to meet all obligations within the legislative framework and with the core aim of ensuring that the best interests of all owners are considered.

Strata Plus’ strength lies in our ability to give guidance in the decision-making process based on our collaborative style and combined practical experience of what works and what doesn’t. Our strata managers stay current on legislative reforms and industry changes, thanks to ongoing professional development and active participation in industry associations such as SCA, OCN, and UDIA. This ensures our advice remains informed and relevant.

Our strata management services include:

Financial matters

The trust accounting expertise and qualifications of our team are second to none. We are able to perform all your GST responsibilities.  Our budgets are detailed, substantiated and backed by years of experience. We have a proven, effective levy management process, as well as a comprehensive invoice payment process. Your trust accounts are secure as our internal controls are over and above legislative requirements, and we only deal with auditors who are experienced in the strata sector. Your reporting can be tailored to meet the needs of the scheme.


Facilitating compliance obligations with council and government , ensuring necessary certifications and meeting Work Health & Safety requirements. This encompasses adhering to compliance requirements for critical areas like fire safety, elevators, swimming pools, escalators, backflow prevention devices, and anchor points.

Dispute resolution

Our strata managers are experienced in assisting and facilitating dispute resolution processes. This may involve preparation and lodgement of applications for mediation, adjudication, tribunal orders, briefing lawyers and attending mediation and tribunal hearings as instructed.

By-law management

Our strata managers are on hand to provide assistance with by-law management. This may include advice on the practicalities of by-laws, registration, the procedure for updates, and management of breaches.

Meeting management

Our strata managers are trained and experienced in effectively managing and controlling meetings. Whilst notices and minutes of meetings are prepared and distributed in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legislation, they are prepared with the aim that the reader has clarity on decisions. Meetings can be held in a Strata Plus office, online or onsite.

Maintenance and repairs

Schemes have an obligation to properly maintain common property.  All maintenance and repair decisions must be assessed and made within the legislative framework with consideration to whether trust funds have been raised for purpose. At Strata Plus our aim is to assist so that cost effective decisions can be made in a prompt and efficient manner. Our systems mean that our owners can assess whether contractors are licensed and insured. We do not receive commissions or other commercial benefits from contractors engaged on behalf of a scheme and the new reforms will impose limitations and prohibitions on all strata managers.


We have a legislative responsibility to ensure that schemes we manage are insured based on appropriate valuations. As part of our agreed services we liaise with the strata committee when we obtain insurance valuations and renewal quotations, and with the preparation and administration of insurance claims.

Legislative requirements

We actively monitor and keep you informed of legislative changes affecting your scheme. We assist you with ensuring that your asset compliance is managed, whether it be certification for fire measures, cooling towers, pool, lifts or roof safety, and managing other obligations of your scheme such as Workplace Health & Safety.

Online resource and owners portal

Owners portal – My Property

Each owner is provided with a secure login to our owners portal (located on the top right-hand corner of this page) to access; past minutes of meetings, levy history, important reports such as defects, and by-law history relating to a scheme. To see what our online access provides, watch this short My Property video.

Resident education

To promote a peaceful and respectful living environment we have an extensive pool of online resources. We also host regular webinars, events, and tailored face-to-face training and information guides on various subjects.


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