• nabers-for-apartments

    Strata Matters 2024: Building sustainable communities

    As we live in an era of rising costs, the challenges of sustainably managing your home can be challenging. Join the OCN on 12 September 2024, for an insightful conference as they explore: Sustainably managing your building’s financial capital – how to manage the rising costs of living Overdue levy collection Convincing your owners the […]

  • community-titled-property

    Community Associations & Precincts

    Understanding Community Associations, Neighbourhood, and Precinct Schemes When purchasing property within a community, neighbourhood, or precinct scheme, buyers become part of a unique living arrangement with benefits and responsibilities. These schemes are designed to manage shared spaces and ensure a harmonious living environment for all residents. The role of associations At the heart of these […]

  • proxy-voting-in-strata

    Proxy Voting in Strata Meetings

    While strata meetings are crucial for shaping your property’s future, conflicting schedules can prevent attendance. In such cases, appointing a trusted proxy ensures your voice is heard and interests are represented. Can a Proxy Speak at a Strata Meeting? Appointing a strata proxy allows you to manage your responsibilities and voting rights within an owners […]

  • hardwood-flooring

    Installing Hard-Surface Flooring in Apartments

    Installing new hard-surface flooring like timber, vinyl, or hybrid floors in your apartment can be a great way to update the look and feel of your living space. However, following the correct procedures is crucial to avoid disputes with your neighbours or the owners corporation. Before you start ripping up that old carpet, there are […]

  • AS1851-2012 Compliance-fire-safety-measures

    AS 1851-2012 Compliance

    Fire safety testing, inspections and maintenance From 13 February 2025, all building owners  must maintain essential fire safety measures and equipment in accordance with Australian Standard 1851-2012 (AS 1851-2012). Currently, fire safety measures must be maintained (with no specific standard listed) and assessed annually in accordance with the codes listed in the schedule attached to […]

  • icert

    What is iCIRT?

    iCIRT-ratings help homebuyers choose trustworthy building professionals The Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool (iCIRT) is a new industry-led market surveillance tool using a star-rating methodology, allowing consumers to confidently choose building professionals. iCIRT offers an objective and independent assessment of businesses across six categories: Capability, Conduct, Character, Capacity, Capital, and Counterparties. Each criterion has several […]

  • disputes-in-strata

    Dispute resolution in strata

    As Sydney’s Strata Landscape Booms, Effective Dispute Resolution Takes Centre Stage. Sydney’s strata living scene is surging, with a significant portion of the population residing within strata communities —a number projected to escalate even further by 2040. As more people from diverse backgrounds and varying levels of strata familiarity come to live in close proximity, […]

  • Balancing balcony decor and building aesthetics.

    Balancing building aesthetics
    with personal freedom

    Personalising strata balconies in line with by-laws. Observing the transformation of the apartment building we once called home from aging aesthetics to modern greys and creams was a source of pride. The painting project we undertook as a committee rejuvenated the building’s appearance and instigated a renewed sense of pride among the residents regarding their […]


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