• holiday-season

    Top 10 strata tips for the holiday season

    As summer heralds its arrival, bringing with it the much-anticipated holiday season, it’s essential to proactively prepare your strata community for the unique challenges that this period may pose. For apartment owners and residents, the holidays often represent a departure from the usual routines of community living. To ensure a seamless and enjoyable holiday period, […]

  • electric-car-stations-in-strata

    Electric vehicles charging stations in strata 

    Is an electric car station viable for your strata building? Global electric vehicle (EV) takeup is surging at an astonishing pace, and Australia is starting to catch up with pure EVs accounting for almost 10 per cent of new vehicle sales in the second quarter of 2023. Rising fuel prices and growing renewable energy capacity […]

  • smoking-in-strata

    Smoking and Strata

    Can you ban smoking in strata without a by-law? In a series of NCAT cases, several owners corporations succeeded in obtaining orders to prohibit or restrict smoking in strata buildings. These cases all shared a common element: the smoke from cigarettes or tobacco products was deemed a nuisance interfering with a residents’ amenity, contrary to […]

  • waste management in strata

    Disposal of waste on common property

    Waste disposal in strata apartment buildings When you live in strata and community living, such as apartments or a community estate, it’s particularly important that you are mindful of how and where you dispose of your waste. Disposing of waste incorrectly on common property is in breach of the Strata Schemes Management Regulation 2016 and […]

  • fire-safety

    Fire safety for strata owners

    Fire safety in strata Fire safety is a core responsibility of owners corporations and strata committees. It is not simply a matter of compliance with regulations. It is one area where a “she’ll be right” attitude or “near enough is good enough” can be a fatal error. As a recent fire in Rome illustrated, one […]

  • Pets-in_apartments

    Pets in Strata

    Are pets allowed in strata? Pets, together with parking and parties are one of the three Ps in strata and community living that is debated the world over. In recent years, the acceptance of pets as part of the strata family has gathered momentum starting with a change to more favourable pet by-laws in a […]


    Barking Dogs

    What to do about barking dogs? Pets in strata are now a fact of everyday life. Since the NSW Supreme Court ruled in 2020 that bylaws banning pets were “harsh, oppressive and unconscionable” every scheme across the state has adjusted to the new reality that, well, pets are part of the strata family. The Court […]

  • fire-safety

    Security in strata

    We like to know our homes are secure from intruders and most strata properties rate highly on that score. Apart from some smaller, older blocks it is rare to find a property where access to individual lots or shared areas like foyers, lifts, stairwells and even garages is not protected both physically end electronically with […]


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