Strata Committee Decision Framework

Decisions on behalf of strata owners

Elected representatives of a strata committee are given the authority to make decisions on behalf of owners.

For it to be considered a decision on behalf of all owners the decision needs to be considered in a formal committee meeting. Read more in our Strata Committee Meeting Info Guide.

Any decisions you make should in the best interests of all the owners (as a whole). Legislation sets out the responsibilities of committee members which includes the duty of care and diligence. Read more in our Strata Committee Responsibilities Info Guide.

Legislation also has processes for the disclosure of pecuniary interests, and clearly defines eligibility and nomination criteria. Read more in our Strata Committee Eligibility Info Guide.

The aim of this Info Guide is to raise points of discussion to help your committee create a robust decision-making framework.


  • Is there desired outcome that you are aiming for clear? Have you documented and agreed on a list of objectives?
  • Is there a timeframe that you are aiming for? If you have a scheduled meeting when would you need the information so that you have time to digest and ask clarifying questions? If no meeting is scheduled, then one of the first steps is to set a date for when the decision should be made.
  • Is there only one decision or a multiple to be made?
  • Is it likely that a chain of decisions is needed and each step requires a decision as to the next action to take? For example, do you investigate and report, then regroup for the next decision?
  • Should you treat this matter as a mini project and agree to to the milestones that get reviewed and adjusted at every stage?
  • Who does the decision impact? How should they be informed?
  • How important is the quality versus the dollars to your decision? What impact does this decision have on your budget and fund reserves?
  • Will the decision set a precedent? What is the likelihood that this matter has a greater impact?
  • If there is a need to obtain quotes, has everyone given proper consideration as to the detail in the scope?  Have you discussed and agreed on each aspect of the scope?
  • Is there an agreed selection process for suppliers that you engage? What is important to owners in your scheme other than suppliers being properly licensed & insured?  For example, is strata experience important, are you in a tiered structure and has the supplier any experience with this?
  • What will give you comfort so that you know the decision will be made in the best interest of all owners?

These questions should be of assistance when reviewing the information provided to you by your strata manager or specialist provider.

If you have any questions, simply contact your Strata+ accredited strata manager

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