Fire Safety Reforms Webinar

Join us for a crucial webinar focusing on the upcoming changes to fire safety regulations, set to begin in February 2025. These changes include the new requirements for the mandatory routine servicing of essential fire safety measures and the introduction of ‘accredited persons’ to certify these measures.

Starting from 13 February 2025, owners corporations must ensure that their fire safety measures comply with Australian Standard 1851-2012, which governs the routine maintenance of critical fire safety measures in buildings requiring annual or supplementary fire safety statements. This standard specifies the routine inspection, testing processes, frequency, and documentation for various fire safety measures.

During this webinar, we will delve into these new requirements, examining their implications for strata owners. This includes maintaining necessary documentation and understanding the potential for inspections and penalties by local councils and Fire and Rescue NSW.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the regulations concerning the accredited assessors for the fire safety system. The Amending Regulation mandates that an accredited individual assess each essential fire safety measure before issuing a fire safety certificate for Class 1b to 9 buildings, shifting from the previous requirement for a “properly qualified person.” This change aims to improve the assessments’ integrity and independence.

Participants will learn how these regulatory changes will affect issuing fire safety certificates and the steps strata committees must take to ensure compliance with these new regulations.


Rob Broadhead, Managing Director
20/20 Fire Protection

Rob is the founder and CEO of 20/20 Fire, is deeply committed to enhancing the fire industry’s standards and professionalism. With a history of active involvement in the Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPA Australia) as a Vice President and participating in numerous NSW State Committees focused on fire safety, property, and strata, Rob’s expertise is well-recognised. As a Graduate of the Institute of Fire Engineers and an Accredited Practitioner (Fire Safety) in both assessment and design, he dedicates a significant portion of his career to educating the property industry on fire safety matters.

Michael Price, Head of Strata
Strata Plus

Michael directs our strata management teams and oversees the General Managers and Licensees in Charge. He has expertise in operational and compliance management within strata and community titles, and Building Management Committees (BMC). Michael will bring his extensive strata experience, adding practical solutions and expert insights to assist strata committees in navigating the complexities of fire safety compliance.

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