Waverley Council – Building Futures

Building Futures is a free Council program aiming to help selected larger strata buildings (40+ units) save money on their energy and water bills and to improve environmental performance.

The Council works hand-in-hand with participating buildings to easily identify and implement cost-effective solutions to reduce operating costs, reduce common area energy use, cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water use, and improve waste management. All participating buildings will work towards a shared energy goal: reduce common property energy by 20%.

How the program works

Participating buildings receive for FREE:

  • Expert energy assessments of common areas
  • Costed upgrade recommendations
  • Solar power screening to identify buildings with good potential for rooftop solar power
  • Project management and implementation support
  • Access to Sydney Water’s WaterFIX program for high-water users
  • Access to Waverley Council’s Apartment Recycling Improvement Program
  • Recognition and promotion of participation in the program
  • Learning & knowledge-sharing opportunities

The program outcomes so far

A total of 20 apartment buildings have already participated in previous rounds of Building Futures. Collectively, these buildings have achieved an average saving of 23% in addition to saving thousands of dollars per year on energy bills whilst also reducing their climate impact.

How to apply

Applications to join Building Futures Round 3 are now closed for the 2020/21 financial year. To register your building for the next intake. Visit Waverley Council’s website

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