Waverley Council – Sustainability Rebates for Apartments

Sustainability Rebates for Apartments

Waverley Council has committed to reducing its community greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2035 as part of its Community Strategic Plan and Environmental Action Plan.

Due to the extra costs and barriers that apartment buildings face in improving sustainability outcomes, Waverley Council is trialling Sustainability Rebates for Apartments for up to 12 months (or until the funding runs out).

Apartment buildings in Waverley can receive up to $5,000 in rebates for the following products or service:

  • Common area energy assessments
  • Installation of rooftop solar for apartments
  • Electrification of centralised hot water
  • Electrification of swimming pool and / or spa heating

Application Process

1. Check the Eligibility Criteria

Review the Eligibility Criteria in Rebately. To be eligible to receive a sustainability rebate, your Sustainable Product must be installed or undertaken in the Financial Year 2023/24.

2. Purchase your Sustainable Product

Purchase your Sustainable Product from your chosen provider or installer. Ensure that your purchase meets the Eligibility Criteria for your chosen Sustainable Product.

3. Submit an Application Form

Submit an Application Form in Rebately. You’ll need to attach a recent electricity and/or gas bill, a photo of your Sustainable Product (if applicable) and a copy of the invoice from your Sustainable product provider.

4. Receive your Sustainability Rebate

If your form is approved by Council, you will receive your sustainability rebate via electronic bank transfer. Be sure to check your junk mailbox for your rebate approval email.

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