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Futureproofing Apartments in North Sydney

North Sydney’s Futureproofing Apartments program aims to improve sustainability while reducing the cost of living.

The focus is on the numerous energy saving opportunities found in common areas. However, all residents will directly benefit where solar sharing and centralised hot water system upgrades are implemented.

Around 75% of local residents live in apartments in North Sydney and often owners don’t realise how much energy and money is being wasted in the hidden areas and equipment of buildings, so a report by specialists will clearly quantify that, and make recommendations for the owner’s corporation to follow up on.

Electric cars are on the way to being mainstream, and a great path to energy and cost savings over time, so now is the time to start planning to potentially offer onsite EV charging stations powered by rooftop solar.

Approvals of solar & energy efficiency infrastructure will have hurdles reduced & simplified by legislation by early 2021.

How it works

This program offers the following at no cost:

  • Energy assessments performed by industry specialists.
  • Detailed reports which will clearly illustrate the financial case for upgrades
  • Attendance at strata meetings if requested to help communicate the benefits of building upgrades.
  • General support.
  • Workshops and information sessions for apartment residents.

How to apply

For more information on the program and details on their next intake, visit North Sydney Council’s website.

Read North Sydney Council’s Futureproofing_Apartments_Whitepaper

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