What is iCIRT?

iCIRT-ratings help homebuyers choose trustworthy building professionals

The Independent Construction Industry Rating Tool (iCIRT) is an industry-led market surveillance tool using a star-rating methodology, allowing consumers to confidently choose building professionals.

iCIRT offers an objective and independent assessment of businesses across six categories: Capability, Conduct, Character, Capacity, Capital, and Counterparties.

Each criterion has several sub-criteria that measure the builder or developer’s transparency, trustworthiness, experience, track record, financial stability, and regulatory compliance.

The rating system ranges from 0 to 5 stars, and only parties with 3 or more gold stars are included on the iCIRT register.

A 3-gold star or higher rating indicates a builder, developer or other building professional has demonstrated their credibility in an independent, evidence-based analysis of their business.

Assessment criteria for iCIRT ratings

iCIRT ratings are available to evaluate home builders, property developers, certifiers, designers, architects, engineers, consultants, and project and development managers.

The assessment process involves four steps:

  • Application
  • Assessment
  • Validation
  • Rating (valid for 12 months and can be updated or renewed at any time)

The assessment process includes criteria such as the trustworthiness of the business, its trading history, track record on previous projects, compliance with regulatory obligations, and financial strength and stability.

How iCIRT helps you when choosing a building professional or buying a home

If you’re looking to purchase a home or apartment, you can search the iCIRT registry to find building professionals with a proven track record of quality and integrity. The registry allows you to:

  • Access reputable information about construction professionals and their projects.
  • Compare different builders based on their star ratings and track record.
  • Choose a builder that meets the minimum benchmark of 3 out of 5 stars or above, indicating they are trustworthy and capable of delivering a quality apartment.

To determine if your developer or builder is iCIRT-rated, visit the register.

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