What you need to know about the NSW Strata Hub

The ‘Strata Hub’ is an initiative of the NSW Government aimed at providing better transparency, accountability, improved regulation, and increased engagement for owners, residents, and potential buyers of strata schemes in NSW.

The hub consolidates core information about NSW’s 82,000 strata schemes in one centralised platform, offering property purchasers insights into their prospective new homes while enabling the regulator to monitor ongoing maintenance and defect management for each building.

The Hub is established to facilitate the new reporting requirements for strata schemes in NSW, as mandated by the Strata Schemes Management Amendment (Information) Regulation 2021, which commenced on 30 June 2022. These requirements necessitate that owners corporations report and verify information on the NSW Government’s Strata Hub annually.

Digital tools will facilitate proactive intervention, support, and the delivery of important messages to schemes from emergency services, councils, and regulators.

The tool will also manage the building defect bond, which is lodged through the NSW ePlanning portal and covers any defects found within the first 24 months after the completion of building work.

NSW Fair Trading has information on the Strata Hub reporting obligations.

What are owners corporations required to do?

Owners corporations are required to lodge an annual return with Fair Trading. This return must be submitted within three months of each Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Which information is required?

Clause 43a of the Regulations provides a comprehensive list of the information that owners corporations must provide and update annually. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Strata plan number
  • Date of registration of the strata plan, community plan, or precinct
  • Address of the strata scheme parcel
  • Total number of lots in the strata scheme and their designated uses (e.g., residential, commercial, utility)
  • Number of above-ground storeys in the building
  • Date of the most recent annual general meeting of the owners corporation
  • NABERS rating (if applicable)
  • Date of the most recent annual fire safety statement
  • Insured replacement value of the building
  • Details of the secretary, chairperson, strata managing agent, building manager, and emergency contact person
  • Balance of the capital works fund
  • Whether a strata renewal committee is in place under the Strata Schemes Development Act 2015

For more information, refer to Clause 43a of the Regulations. The provided information must be in the ‘approved form,’ and there will be an annual fee ($3 per lot) payable by each owners corporation.

What information is publicly accessible?

Not all information will be accessible to the general public. Contact details of the secretary, chairperson, strata agent, and building manager will only be accessible to those listed on the strata roll. The same applies to information about the presence of a renewal committee.

Delegating the authority to charge

Your Strata+ strata manager will facilitate the necessary meeting resolution to authorise the required information lodgement on your behalf. Since this task is outside the scope of our current agreements, additional charges will apply as per the agreement schedule.

Supplying the correct information

Under clause 43B, there is an obligation to correct or update any previously provided information. The correction must be submitted within 28 days after the secretary or managing agent becomes aware of the circumstances requiring the update. Failure to comply may result in fines of up to $2,200.

Enforcement and penalties

Penalties for noncompliance include fines of up to $220


For more information, contact your S+ strata manager.


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