How to make your apartment feel bigger

Tips and tricks to make your apartment look and feel bigger

Apartment living is on the rise in Australia as older couples downsize from the large family home for a convenient lifestyle with less maintenance and young families make their first step into home ownership.

Whether you’re new to apartment living or you’ve been enjoying life for a while, here are some simple suggestions for creating more space in your unit without structural work.

  • Remove everything you don’t need. Clutter is the enemy and will make a home look overwhelmed, messy and smaller than it is. De-cluttering will not only make your apartment look more spacious, it will help you feel calmer too. You can try selling possessions you no longer need online, taking them to a charity shop or passing them along to eager friends and family.
  • Be clever with storage. Organise and stow your belongings with space-saving storage solutions like floor-to-ceiling shelving and under-bed drawers and boxes. A wardrobe re-design can free up a surprising amount of space. Consider buying multi-purpose furniture with its own storage included such as an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table.
  • Choose more compact furniture. If you’ve come from a large house, you may find your old furniture is too domineering for your new home. Big, chunky sofas and chairs with fabric to the floor can dominate a smaller space. Treat yourself to some new pieces with visible legs such as the popular Scandinavian designs. Space-saving tables that nest or fold down and low-backed chairs will also make a room feel more spacious.
  • Keep colours light and neutral. Light-coloured walls and flooring reflect light the best and really open up a room. Keep to similar tones for the walls and floors to give a connected, airy feeling. You can add a pop of colour with accessories and soft furnishings.
  • Match curtains and blinds to wall colour. Whilst the best way to maximise natural light is to keep windows free of dressings, it’s not very practical if you need privacy. Match any curtains and blinds closely to your wall colours as dark colours and contrast will close in the space.
  • Make use of mirrors. Cleverly placed mirrors will bounce light around your unit and create a reflected illusion of a larger space. If you have a nice view from a window, you can bring it into the room using a mirror in the right spot.
  • Little lights for a bigger effect. Forget the harsh overhead lighting and invest in a few smaller lamps around the room. They will create more ambience and character.
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