• Finding Strata information

    Locating the right strata information quickly We have resources available on our website in several places such as quick links to relevant legislation, the latest industry news, and a knowledge centre containing information on commonly queried strata subjects. Below is a video on how to quickly find the topics you are after in our knowledge […]

  • The importance of building ventilation

    Ventilation and Covid Ventilation is the deliberate introduction of fresh air and removal of stale air from a space. Proper ventilation is an important approach to lowering concentrations of indoor air pollutants or contaminants including any viruses that may be in the air. The general purpose of ventilation in buildings is to ensure that air […]

  • Strata Committee Decision Framework

    Decisions on behalf of strata owners Elected representatives of a strata committee are given the authority to make decisions on behalf of owners. For it to be considered a decision on behalf of all owners the decision needs to be considered in a formal committee meeting. Read more in our Strata Committee Meeting Info Guide. […]

  • 8 Stages of the Strata Building Bond Inspection Scheme

    The Strata Building Bond Inspection Scheme (SBBIS) is relevant to residential or mixed-use strata schemes of 4 storeys or more for building works of contracts that were entered into from 1 January 2018.  A building bond lodged by the developer may be used after 2 years from lodgement to pay for identified rectification works if […]

  • Waverley Council – Building Futures

    Building Futures is a free Council program aiming to help selected larger strata buildings (40+ units) save money on their energy and water bills and to improve environmental performance. The Council works hand-in-hand with participating buildings to easily identify and implement cost-effective solutions to reduce operating costs, reduce common area energy use, cut greenhouse gas […]


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