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Strata Plus is synonymous with trust, reliability, and unparalleled strata management expertise. Our firm has earned a distinguished reputation, leading us to manage an array of properties in some of Australia’s most prestigious locations.

Our dedication to excellence is not just a motto—it’s a practice evident throughout our diverse portfolio of exceptional strata properties.

Take a look at our portfolio for a peek at the properties we manage in all sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, community associations, and mixed use complexes.

Our collection includes luxurious residences and modern commercial spaces. Each property stands as a symbol of our commitment to top-quality strata management. Strata Plus is not just about managing buildings; it’s about fostering communities and enhancing the value of each property.

We understand that each building has its unique traits and challenges, which is why our team of experienced strata managers is skilled in addressing the specific needs of each property. From routine maintenance to complex legal compliance issues, our team handles all aspects of strata management with finesse and professionalism.

We are particularly proud of our proactive approach to property management. Our strata managers work closely with owners corporations to plan and execute maintenance schedules, upgrades, and renovations that not only preserve but enhance the property’s value. We ensure that every decision is made with the owners’ best interests in mind, fostering a transparent and cooperative management environment.


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