Olivera and David Ferguson Strata Plus Directors

Our Story

Strata Plus was established in 2001 with a portfolio of just one residential strata scheme.

Since then, we have earned the reputation of being a leading strata management company and an employer of choice with an team of 60+ amazing individuals.

Across the six offices we successfully manage the combined portfolio of in excess of 30,000 lots totalling $9.5 billion in assets and more than $120 million in trust funds.

Some of our growth was through an acquisition of three coastal offices in 2014 and the Dunns’ Strata acquisition in 2020. The remainder is a direct result of the trust that we have built with our owners.

This trust is also reflected by the Owners Corporation Network having us as their only strata agency premium partner since 2019.

In July 2022 Liza Perera commenced as Strata+ CEO having had a long relationship with the strata spanning over 14 years through her role with Macquarie Business Bank. She joined Macquarie with a background in private banking to work in business development. In 2007 Liza was promoted to Associate Director where she led the NSW property relationship team. In 2018 she moved to a national role.

“Strata+ has a reputation for being ethical, innovative, and also for having a great team. My role with Macquarie means that I have an objective overview of the strata agencies across the country. I’m excited to lead Stata+ into the future given my passions for this sector, for team development and for innovation.”

For the first 21 years the owner/directors David & Olivera Ferguson led the S+ team with a lateral and disciplined approach and grew the business from strength to strength.

David was introduced to strata through his mother, though consciously chose the sector for his career after a few years in financial services.  His good nature coupled with his desire to achieve exacting objectives meant that Strata+ was always at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership. David takes great personal satisfaction in ironing out problems, reviewing and improving outcomes applying all he does with his distinct lateral approach.  He is experienced, passionate and a dedicated contributor to the property strata sector.  David still has the reputation as one the most experienced and respected principals in the business.

“Key to our success is the personal approach taken by the Strata Plus team and the service philosophy we practice. We call it CARECommitment and proactive involvement with clients; Attention to detail; Rapid responses to clients; and Expert and experienced team.”

David Ferguson, Owner/Director

In 2008 Olivera became owner and director of the company though having played crucial and formative roles since 2001. Her internal audit, operational, and relationship management background in the financial services provided her with a clear focus to establish and continually fine-tune structures, policies, procedures, and the ongoing professional development of the S+ team.

“We’ve always encouraged an environment that fosters dedicated and motivated employees. Strata Plus is an employer of choice within the strata sector. Our clients benefit in knowing that they have highly competent individuals looking after them.”

Olivera Ferguson, Owner/Director

In November 2022 SCA NSW awarded David and Olivera with lifetime memberships.  The SCA NSW Board is grateful for their many years of separate and varied volunteer contributions which facilitated improvements for the strata community for members, strata owners, and government departments.


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