Owners Corporation Network Partnership

Strata Plus and the Owners Corporation Network

The Strata Plus team is thrilled and honored to announce that we have been welcomed by the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) as their Premium Sponsor. Owners Corporation Network is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to help strata owners navigate strata living, from social and organisational challenges to financial and legal issues.

Their purpose is to be the independent voice of apartment and other forms of residential strata title ownership. They achieve this by:

• Advocating for changes to legislation and other policy instruments and arrangements affecting residential strata title, unit title, and community title

• Facilitating discussion forums for their members

• Providing selected services to members to assist them with living in a communal environment

• Educating owners about matters of importance to harmonious communal living through their website, webinars and seminars.

At the heart of this partnership is a shared commitment to values that include fairness, respect, integrity, empathy, and honesty. Strata Plus takes immense pride in the recognition of our “demonstrated value alignment” with OCN, a reflection of our unwavering dedication to acting in the best interests of all owners. Our core values emphasise ethics, transparency, and a strong belief in ongoing professional development, all stemming from our fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Our relationship with OCN spans over a decade, during which we have enjoyed a warm and mutually beneficial connection. This partnership has allowed us to exchange diverse perspectives and insights on various matters related to strata management. We have continued to work with OCN and contribute positively to their community through this strategic collaboration.

For those interested in OCN membership and discovering the many benefits it offers, we encourage you to explore their website. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with OCN, furthering our mission to provide exceptional strata management services that align with our shared values of transparency, integrity, and a commitment to the best interests of strata owners. Together, we are poised to create a stronger, more vibrant strata community for all.

To find out more about OCN membership, visit their website.

September 2019


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