SCA Accreditation

What does it mean if a strata manager has SCA accreditation?

All of our strata managers are accredited with Strata Community Association (SCA). SCA is the peak industry body that serves strata and community managers throughout Australia and New Zealand. SCA has more than 3,000 individual members.

National SCA accreditation was adopted to create security, trust, professionalism and recognition to clients throughout Australia. It’s a constant in an environment where each state has differing requirements for strata agencies and their managers.

Accreditation provides a way to identify strata managers who submit themselves to SCA’s code of ethics, undertake continuing professional development, and have different levels of sector experience.

It’s rare for a company to have all its managers accredited. Be careful not to assume that “credited” means the same as “accredited”.

To be considered for accreditation you must first be a member of SCA. Strata Plus has always invested to enable each strata manager to be a member of SCA. It’s of benefit to you our client as it provides you with the assurance that we as a company, and as individual strata managers, are bound by a Code of Conduct.

Accreditation involves an application process for the first three levels and there is a fee per application. As soon as a manager achieves the next level’s requirements we reapply for them.

At the 2016 SCA NSW Convention our MD, David Ferguson was awarded Fellow status (level 4).

We are proud of the fact that as of March 2021 Strata Plus has nine Practising Strata Community Managers, thirteen Certified Strata Community Managers, and nine Accredited Strata Community Managers. A total of 32 accredited individuals.

SCA Accreditation Levels:


Level 1 –  Accredited Strata Community Manager (ASCM)

Requirements – Minimum 1-year strata experience & SCA membership, and 4 modules of the Cert IV in Strata

Level 2 – Certified Strata Community Manager (CSCM)

Requirements – Minimum 2 years experience and completion of Cert IV in Strata

Level 3 – Practising Strata Community Manager (PSCM)

Requirements – Licensed for a minimum of 5 years & held Licensee in Charge position or Hold a relevant Bachelor’s degree

Level 4 – Fellow Strata Community Manager (FSCM)

Requirements – Qualified for level 3 accreditation and 15 years of membership and extensive service to the sector, or 12 years membership with at least 10 years managing client and a relevant post graduate qualification.

Further information on the accreditation can be found on the SCA website.

October 2017


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