Winner of SCA’s Young Strata Manager of the Year 2014

The Young Strata Manager of the Year 2014 Award is bestowed on an up-and-coming young strata manager who has demonstrated excellence in their career and a commitment to their personal and career development.

Jodie Smithson, Branch Manager for Strata Plus Northside, was announced winner of the Strata Community Australia (NSW) prestigious Young Strata Manager of the Year Award at the 2014 Whitbread Strata Community Awards held at Daltone House, Darling Wharf.

Jodie has consistently demonstrated her exceptional problem-solving abilities, ensuring that the needs and concerns of both property owners and tenants are addressed with utmost care and professionalism. Her commitment to excellence and her ability to effectively handle complex situations have set her apart from her peers.

As the recipient of the Young Strata Manager of the Year award in 2014, Jodie Smithson has proven herself to be a true leader and innovator in the field of strata management. Her exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and commitment to excellence have set her apart as a role model for aspiring professionals in the industry.

Commenting on the announcement after being named as winner of the award, Jodie Smithson said she was extremely humbled to be named as the recipient of the award.

Asked what she thought contributed to winning the award Jodie answered, “I am lucky to be one of those people who really like my job. I have a genuine passion for the industry and enjoy managing different personalities and helping them come to a compromise”.

“I would like to thank my past and present employers for providing me with the opportunity to succeed and for having the belief in me to achieve greatness”.

August 2014


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