Strata Insights Report 2020

City Futures Research Centre has published their 2020 Strata Insights report and we have summarised below the NSW findings we think you will most find interesting.

Strata data

  • There are almost 84,000 schemes exist in NSW
  • This represents more than 960,000 lots; 21% = 21 to 50 lots, 13% = 51 to 100 lots, and 20% = 101+ lots
  • NSW has the highest insured value with the total insured value in excess of $404 billion. 
  • Sixty per cent of schemes were registered before the year 2000. 

Download the Strata Insights Infographics for NSW

Who lives in apartments?

  • 5% of the population which represents more than 7.5 million NSW residents
  • Almost half of the residents are 20-39 years old
  • 11% of apartments are unoccupied, 29% are owner occupied, 48% are rented
  • There are 2,774,854 households in NSW, 22% of these households live in apartments.   
  • 31% of household types are lone persons, 25% couples without children, 17% couples with children, 8% group households, and 7% are single parents. 
  • 40% of people were born in Australia and 45% speak English as their primary language. 8% of residents were born in China and 11% speak either Mandarin or Cantonese.

Servicing strata

  • The three most common callout jobs were for plumbing, electrical and gardening
  • The three most used professional services were engineers, valuers and lawyers.


The study was funded by Strata Community Association (SCA) and involved collaboration with many parties including City Futures, Deakin University, Griffith University and University of Sydney.

Data was obtained from three sources: state land titles offices, the last Census, and participating strata companies.

To read the full report, visit City Futures

March 2021


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