Ready for the Party Season?

Parties are one of the 3 Ps that impact strata and community residents the world over, along with pets and parking.

You might have noticed in the media this week that short-term letting is front of mind again.

The Sydney Morning Herald flagged the possibility of a 5-year ban to curb the “party animals in short term letting”.

The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for short-term rental accommodation is coming into force on 18 December 2020. It is a mandatory Code that applies to all short-term rental accommodation participants including hosts and guests.

The Code sets out the rights and obligations, provides for resolution of disputes, and outlines the compliance and enforcement approach.

The obligations include:

  • the need to comply with by-laws,
  • not creating noise to a level that might harm, offend, unreasonably disrupt neighbours
  • intentionally, recklessly or negligently cause damage to premises, common property, communal facilities

Read the Code in detail.

In short, it allows NSW Fair Trading to act against individuals who breach the Code, to the extent that multiple breaches can result in being listed on an exclusion register.

A scheme can adopt a by-law to ban short term rentals in lots that are not the host’s principal place of residence. Members of the Owners Corporation Network have access to this by-law, or there are strata specialist law firms who can create one for your scheme.

Like with all strata and community decisions, we are here to provide information and guide you so that you can make decisions that are in the best interests of all owners.

Any questions? Just ask your Strata Plus accredited strata manager.

October 2020


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