Neighbour Day 2024

Fostering belonging in strata living

In the context of strata living, where residents share not only walls but also communal spaces and responsibilities, the theme ‘Create Belonging | Share Belonging’ from Neighbours Every Day takes on added significance. Strata communities, with their unique blend of private and shared living spaces, present both opportunities and challenges for fostering a sense of belonging. In these communities, creating and sharing belonging isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential for the well-being and harmony of all residents.

Empowering residents to create and share belonging

Neighbours Every Day’s mission to empower Australians to create and share belonging resonates deeply within strata communities. By adopting the initiative’s principles, strata residents and committees can take proactive steps to weave a fabric of social connections that supports respectful relationships and inclusive practices.

This year, Neighbour Day coincides with the Easter long weekend, presenting a golden opportunity to forge closer bonds with your neighbours. Consider organising an Easter egg hunt, hosting a morning tea where everyone can share their favourite Easter treats, or firing up the grill for an afternoon BBQ.

These gatherings not only allow residents to connect on a personal level but also strengthen the sense of belonging and community spirit. It’s a chance to break down barriers, celebrate diversity, and create lasting memories with those who live closest to us.

5 Tips to share belonging in strata communities

By embracing the principles of Neighbours Every Day and implementing the tips outlined below, strata residents and committees can work together to create a welcoming, inclusive, and cohesive community.

1. Recognise the value of shared spaces

In strata living, shared spaces are not just physical areas but opportunities for interaction and connection. Recognising and utilising these spaces for community-building activities can foster a sense of belonging among residents.

2. Take accountability for community harmony

Residents and strata committees can play a pivotal role in creating inclusive environments by establishing clear, fair, and respectful by-laws and policies that encourage positive interactions among residents.

3. Focus on strengths to enhance community engagement

Encouraging residents to contribute to the community based on their strengths and interests can lead to more meaningful participation and a stronger sense of belonging for everyone involved.

4. Celebrate diversity within strata communities

Acknowledging and celebrating the diverse backgrounds and experiences of strata residents enrich the community’s cultural fabric. This can be achieved through inclusive events, discussions, and initiatives that embrace diversity.

5. Be kind and understanding

The close quarters of strata living mean that misunderstandings can arise. Approaching such situations with kindness and a willingness to understand different perspectives can pave the way for resolution and mutual respect.



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