2016 Strata Reforms

New strata laws to modernise the way strata schemes operate come into effect in NSW on 30 November 2016. To read them in detail, links to the appropriate legislation can be found on our strata legislation page.

Keeping up-to-date with the Strata Reforms

In September, we commenced our Committee New Legislation Program with face-to-face sessions presented by David Ferguson, Managing Director.

The focus of the sessions was to ensure that our committee members feel comfortable with how the new legislation might affect them. In addition to the presentation, David was available to answer any questions from the attendees.

The topics of new legislation David covered included:

The strata committee – who is eligible, and who is not, to be on the strata committee and how nominations need to be handled.

The tenant representative – rules around the appointment of a tenant representative to the strata committee, when it applies and the limitations of their office.

The AGM process – changes to the AGM process in terms of timing, voting communication options (including by electronic means), tenant attendance regulations and proxy limitations. This includes a number of new requirements around the form of Notice.

Common property obligations, approvals and management – new rules relating to the recovery of a loss due to the failure of the owners corporation to act, access to private property, the removal of goods or vehicles and carrying out cosmetic work and minor renovations.

By-law review considerations – review of the by-laws as new models are available for adoption, including regulations for the keeping of pets and smoke penetration across units.

Download our presentation of the New Strata Laws for an overview of the changes.

October 2016


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