The Release of Community Title Regulations

Have Your Say on the Reforms to Community Title Legislation

The draft Community Land Development Regulation 2021 and the draft Community Land Management Regulation 2021 have been released by the NSW government for public consultation, closing Thursday 29 July 2021.

The NSW Government is seeking feedback about legislation changes that aim to make community schemes living more modern, democratic and flexible, and that simplifies the development process.

The new Community Land Development Act 2021 applies to those involved in the development, variation and termination of those schemes. The new Community Land Management Act 2021 applies to commercial tenants and people living in community, precinct and neighbourhood schemes, including rural subdivisions and large closed communities. The two Acts are expected to commence before the end of 2021, once supporting regulations have been developed.

The proposed regulations aim to:

  • provide modern, flexible and democratic governance arrangements,
  • improve maintenance of shared property and financial management,
  • support a simpler and more flexible development process, and
  • create consistency between community lands and strata schemes laws in NSW.

Community Title Draft Legislation

Download the Community Land Development Regulation 2021 2021 and accompanying Regulatory_Impact_Statement

Download the Community Land Management Regulation and accompanying _Regulatory_Impact_Statement

Have Your Say via survey or submission on the Draft Regulations on the NSW’s Have Your Say website


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