Strata Hub: easier access to strata information

Getting information can be difficult

It’s too hard right now for people living or intending to live in a strata scheme to access basic information about a particular building. For example, who the strata managing agent is (or who to contact in a self-managed strata scheme).

There are other groups of people who need information quickly to respond to a maintenance issue or other emergency. For example, emergency services responding to a fire alarm or the gas company responding to a gas leak.

What will the Strata Hub do for me?

Once complete, the single digital Strata Hub could provide:

  • Access to certain strata information (e.g. fire inspection reports)
  • Contact details for strata managing agents (or the best contact for the owners corporation in self-managed schemes)
  • How environmentally friendly a building is – showing its NABERS rating (National Australian Built Environmental Performance of buildings and tenancies)
  • Digital management of the bond for new strata buildings (Strata Building Bond and Inspections Scheme)
  • A seamless digital platform that joins up the development application process to the construction and management of strata buildings
  • NSW Government updates and information tailored for you, depending on your profile.

March 2021


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