Say G’day this Neighbours Day 2023

Create belonging this Neighbours Day 2023

Since 2001 the Strata+ team is about helping communities thrive.  We would like to encourage you to start 2023 with a positive focus on your community. 

As a committee it would be terrific to consider organising a Neighbours Day 2023 event for your fellow owners and residents. An event to “Create Belonging”. 

You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want a welcoming, supportive, and safe community to be part of.  Social community connection makes us feel better. It helps prevent loneliness, isolation and depression.  

Having an event to bring together like-minded people is a simple step to grow a stronger and better-connected community.  

Your event could be as simple as bring along your cuppa for a chat 

It is the perfect opportunity to say “g’day”, “nice to meet you” or “thanks for being a great neighbour”. 

Neighbours Day 2023 started 20 years ago in Melbourne as a way to “check on your neighbour” after an elderly lady was found 2 years after the time of her death.  

Since then, Neighbours Day has been held on the last Sunday in March as an annual celebration of community 

And yes, there are many countries that celebrate good neighbors. In 2004 European Neighbours Day was launched and is celebrated in May, and in the USA it is celebrated in September of each year. 

We all acutely felt the importance of community harmony during our lockdowns. Our awareness as to the importance of mental health is improving. 

We created and shared our strata harmony video to help promote understanding amongst neighbours.  

A face-to-face event is a much stronger way to make a positive difference for your community.  

Relationships Australia has a social connection campaign that has been running for many years. There are tips, posters & invites and you can register your event. The theme for 2023 is “create belonging”.   

We are sure it shouldn’t be too hard to find our Neighbours Day champion. If not someone on your committee, then you may have an owner or resident that springs to mind. 

We genuinely hope you found this communication positive and encouraging. We would love for you to share details if you do go ahead with an event. 

Respectfully yours 

Happy host of a neighbours event 18 Dec 2022 for 60 guests 


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