Our reconciliation journey

S+ becomes the first strata agency to implement a Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

The Strata+ team is delighted to have taken the first steps towards embedding the spirit of reconciliation into our business and S+ culture.

In May 2023, Reconciliation Australia approved our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.

The first stage of the multi-year, four-stage process, is the Reflect Action plan – a 12-month process for developing a framework to strengthen engagement with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It will formalise an ongoing investment in understanding today’s First Peoples and their perspectives.

A range of activities will build connections with indigenous organisations and businesses to increase cultural awareness among our own Strata+ team, whatever their background.

A partnership with building services company Mundine Gosh Management is also helping to build awareness and connections at multiple levels.

The Reflect stage leads into the Innovate stage, which runs for a further two years and is where we put in place all the strategies to achieve our vision of strong relationships that help empower Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities.

Beyond the Innovate stage, we will aim for the Stretch stage which seeks to embed our engagement and awareness programs into business as usual activities over a further 2-3 years.

Finally, the goal is to achieve the Elevate stage, where we demonstrate leadership in championing the advancement of national reconciliation.

It is a goal that we have taken on with purpose and commitment.

As the first specialist strata management organisation in NSW to embark on this journey, we welcome the opportunity to show leadership in our sector.

May 2023


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