$4000 Capital Works Strata Plus Grants

$4,000 Capital Works Initiative grants offered by the Strata Plus Group

  • Is your scheme currently planning any common property initiatives?
  • Are any of your scheme assets coming to the end of their life cycles?
  • Have you had any common property ideas that will make a difference to every occupier?
  • Would you like to win an $800 grant to go towards a Capital Works Project and 1.5 hours of free executive advice to get things kick-started?

Our Annual Grants Program which supports our clients to get their Capital Works initiatives underway is one way we “give back to communities.

To have a chance at winning one of five $800 grants all you need to do is:

  • Send an email to before 5 pm Tuesday 30 November 2021
  • Provide details of your scheme and your best phone contact number
  • Tell us in 500 words how $800 would help you get started with your capital works initiative that owners will experience the benefit of by the end of 2022.

In your 500 words, you might like to also include your implementation plan and a breakdown of the funding you’ve already identified.

Terms and conditions are at the bottom of this page.

Two Information Guides that might assist in creating your ideas or providing further useful considerations are:

2020 Winners

When remedial works become a positive story

Imagine receiving a remedial works report in 2018 that was so extensive that the recommendation was to break it down into three phases. The first phases were about waterproofing – not uncommon for common property.

With last year’s launch of the S+ capital works grants, the committee at Axia, Waverly saw the opportunity to get assistance with the 5th item on their list. Adele stated that it was “integral in enabling us to continue the plan”.

The Axia committee were successful grant recipients, however, COVID lockdowns created a non-funding related delay.

At last, their rotting timber fencing has been replaced with a visually appealing metal fence. The S+ capital grant was for their new perimeter. The new tasteful fence has created safer surroundings for Axia’s owners, residents, children and pets, as well as creating a new kerbside appeal.

So now their focus is item six on their capital works to do list.

Garden upgrade at The Pines

The owners of the 16 units at The Pines are very excited to have finally done something that they “kept putting off for an exceptionally long time”.

The Strata+ 2020 Capital Works Grant was the kick start incentive they needed.

The Pines is in Raymond Terrace and is located just off Adelaide Street, which is one of the main streets linking to the Pacific Highway, so it has high visibility to the locals.

The owners wanted to improve the curbside appeal by replacing their existing trees and shrubs with a drought-resistant garden that had more visual appeal.

Hunter Water has been asking residents to become water-wise with rules first coming into play in 2014.

This project delivered fresh soil, new gardening supplies and weather appropriate plants that will grow to offer shade and vibrancy. The Pines owners are proud of this sustainability initiative that reduces water consumption and strata costs whilst creating an enhanced garden that will enrich the environment and overall wellbeing of owners.

The new garden has put an added smile on the faces of the owners at The Pines. Jean and Morva were the driving committee members on this project.

Morva shared “I was so excited that we won. It was a big effort by all who helped with the work. Our home feels more welcoming. The Strata+ grant was just what we needed.”

The Dunes sensible approach

Having buildings that were built almost 40 years ago means you need to properly plan your capital works maintenance and projects.  We know that maintenance becomes more expensive the longer you leave it. Much better to be on the front foot with a proper plan.

The Dunes is in the heart of Fingal Bay. It comprises two 3-storey buildings with a tennis court and swimming pool. Structural and maintenance issues naturally occur over time.

Fortunately for the owners at The Dunes, they have a strata committee that has a responsible and nimble approach to strata matters.

The Dunes has had a Works Plan for many years. With the help of a local engineer, they updated their priority list in 2020.

Richard, the Treasurer applied for the Strata+ grant seeing the opportunity to lessen some of the financial impact on owners.

Being a recipient helped with the decision-making momentum needed to deal with the expensive projects that lay ahead. Despite having a healthy Capital Works Fund, with the increase in levies, there has been a spike in financial pressure with owners.

Richard has owned since 2004 and is one of 6 strata committee members. His efforts reinforced the sensible approach that their committee takes.

The Strata+ grant went towards the cost of replacing the corroded roof securing brackets.  Together with the replacement of the asbestos eaves, this was a top priority due to the safety risk to people and property should the metal roofs fly off in a bad storm.

Richard shared “It was with much appreciation when we received the news as we were in the process of starting roofing works costing approximately $60,000”.

“Every dollar helps as we have a considerable number of remedial works listed on our priority list for our approximately 40-year-old building. Many thanks to Strata Plus.”

We were pleased to be able to help the owners at The Dunes lessen their financial burdens and improve the safety of their environment.

Sustainable asset replacement

The owners of a 10 townhouse, mostly owner-occupied, beachfront complex was pleased to be one of the recipients of the Strata+ capital works grant.

As long-term clients of Strata+, we were thrilled to receive their application to our annual client initiative.

Our grant was as an injection to one of two projects focused on achieving sustainable results whilst improving the outdoor aesthetics of their home. The projects were first approved in 2019.

As is often the case in strata, the works start date was delayed until their capital works fund was in a stronger position. As most of the owners are retirees funding considerations are at the forefront of their strata decisions.

Upon receiving notification of the successful application Chairperson Rob was pleased to progress the projects stating that they “will improve both the appearance and asset values for all owners”.

So, what was their asset replacement?

The townhouses share a courtyard pergola. Originally made from wood means deterioration has resulted in a number of replacements over the years.

The owners chose to upgrade from a wooden pergola to a powder-coated aluminium pergola.

The high quality and seamless finish, together with the 25-year warranty gave the owners the sustainability assurance they needed to proceed. The Strata+ grant was a welcome bonus.

Rob encourages other clients to apply for the Strata+ grant if they have an asset replacement project they are considering, especially if it improves or creates an inviting environment for all.


Terms and conditions of the S+ Grants 

  • The Strata Plus Group is committed to providing $4,000 worth of grants. The maximum amount per grant is $800.
  • A panel selected by Strata Plus will assess the applications to determine who is awarded the grants.
  • To receive an $800 grant, the associated capital works activity will need to have the appropriate meeting resolution(s).
  • The initiative implementation must commence before 31 March 2022 unless an extension has been granted by Strata Plus.
  • Strata Plus is permitted to document initiative details for promotional purposes.
  • Winners will be advised on Friday 11 December 2021 and announced in our December Committee Newsletter
  • The Promoter of this competition is The Strata Plus Group, Level 2, 80 Cooper Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010.

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