Project Remediate & combustible cladding

Combustible cladding in residential buildings

Project Remediate deals with the issue of combustible cladding in Class 2 buildings or buildings with a Class 2 component.

On 1 September 2021, the Office of the Building Commissioner (OBC) held a Project Remediate information session.

600+ attendees were addressed by the NSW Building Commissioner, the NSW Minister for Better Regulation, SCA NSW, NSW Planning Taskforce, Fire & Rescue NSW, Safework NSW, and Hansen Yunken (HY) the managing contractor.

The overall advice was for Owners Corporations (OCs) not to worry about eligibility and to register even if:

  • they have legal advice to the contrary
  • the design phase is underway
  • remediation has already been fully funded through special levies
  • remediation is underway as there might be retrospective assistance in some cases

OCs can exit prior to acceptance of the design phase.

You must register your interest in Project Remediate before 31 January 2022. A strata committee resolution is needed to register to Project Remediate.

Benefits to project participants

    • Scaled experience with guaranteed outcomes.
    • Every consideration has been built into the project so scope creep & legacy issues are prevented.
    • Interest-free loans for 10 years with a quarterly repayment cycle.
    • Achieve an enduring solution so that you are protected: safe, compliant, and insurable.
    • Hansen Yunken is fully funded by the NSW Government so have the benefit of free professional project management.
    • No obligation to sign up until after the design details have been presented.
    • All works are done by reputable experts.
    • The recycling of the removed cladding is managed to ensure that they don’t end up in landfills.
    • The designs are properly developed and will be automatically loaded to the NSW planning portal.
    • Each building has its own HY designer taking information out of the pattern book.

Hansen Yunken provides the assurance layer:

        • Stakeholder engagement. OC will have access to all information
        • Support to OC & strata manager to help navigate the process.
        • Local council liaison to deal with any compliance / fine matters.
        • Global façade consultant using the Pattern Book with details about products, design, environmental performance, and the like.
        • Panel procurement (every project separately tendered)
        • Safety is of significant importance and the aim is to maximise amenities when works are underway.
        • Direct payments are made to ensure that parties are paid on time
        • A compliance remediation certificate is provided on completion.

The process to participate in Project Remediate

      • A strata committee resolution is required.
      • Registration > triage & design > sign off (180 days) > build & construct (180 days) > defect liability (6 months) > statutory warranty
      • Eligibility is determined during the triage phase. Buildings are prioritised based on risk, complexity and readiness
      • 3 types of information packs are available: General, at 30% design, and at 100% design
      • Approval of design contracts occurs by resolution at OC general meeting.
      • Once approved a customer service manager is introduced to the OC
      • Owners & residents have access to a 24-hour hotline.

Project Remediate information can be found on the NSW Gov website 

September 2021


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